Hey there! Welcome to my personal blog! I am Alicia – photographer, baker, blogger, and, most importantly, a Christian!

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  • Homeschool Camping 2022
    Once a year for the second full week of June (generally), my homeschool group goes camping. Most people stay Monday to Friday and this year we did as well. It […]
  • May Photo Dump
    I have so many photos from May and not enough of one thing sooooo welcome to the photo dump of May! (This may become a monthly thing lol) Due to […]
  • The First Camping Trip of 2022
    Last weekend we went camping with some friends. We had beautiful weather (no rain!) and a really good time. My parents and 2 youngest siblings camped Friday to Monday and […]
  • Party Photo Dump + Tasha’s Birthday!
    The reason for the impromptu Friday night post: Tasha’s birthday!!!! But we’re going to hit two in one with this post – the non-birthday-party-half-turned-birthday party the day before and a […]
  • The Remarkable Blogger Tag!
    I was tagged by Sophia @ A Teen Girl’s Thoughts for the Remarkable Blogger Tag! (Thanks Sophia!!) Rules 1. Add the featured image2. Tag your post with #the remarkable blogger […]
  • Let’s Plan June!
    Last Wednesday I sat down to plan my bullet journal for June. I’ve really been enjoying the simplicity of doing a bullet journal (and will probably do it more permanently). […]
  • Flower Photo Dump
    The tulips and daffodils have bloomed! They are beautiful and vibrant. It honestly just makes me happy 🙂 (if you don’t like flowers and especially tulips – this is not […]
  • Some Tips for Blogging
    Awhile ago while I was doing the Q&A, Rosie asked me what my top tips were for blogging. Unfortunately I didn’t see it in time to add, so you all […]
  • Beautiful Weather Photo Dump
    Because I’ve been outside so much – when it’s nice out – and taking photos, here’s a photo dump from the past few weeks! Which is your fav? How have […]
  • A Random DITL
    For those of you who don’t know: DITL = Day in the Life You know what this means? A long post! So grab some snacks and you get a glimpse […]