The New Year’s Book Tag

I got tagged!

Erin from Story of a Christian Girl tagged me to do this tag by Emma from Bookish Daughters of the King!

So I introduce to you………..The New Year’s Book Tag!!

How many books are you planning to read in 2022? I really have no idea. But considering one of my school courses will be about 25 books, I’ll probably read between 25 and 50😂

Name 5 books that you didn’t get to this year but want to make a priority in 2022. There’s not many of those, I’ll typically read a book right away. I’d like to read the Shenandoah Sisters and Carolina Cousins series but Michael Phillips (even if that’s over 5 books)

What genre do you want to read more of? My friends would say that I need to read more fantasy or LOTR/Hobbit. But I think that what I’d like to read more of isn’t even a genre and neither are a lot of the books we have (at least to me)

Name 3 non book related goals for 2022. Finish school in April. Save up energy 😂 Focus on my grade 8 piano exam.

What’s a book that you’ve had forever that you still need to read? An Old Fashioned Girl. I’ve probably had it felt about 3 years and it’s even by Louisa May Alcott!

What’s one book you started in 2021 and plan to finish in 2022? In Trouble and In Joy by Sharon James. I got it from Pake and Beppe (my mom’s parents) for Christmas. Each year from Pake & Beppe we get a book from a Christian book store nearby and it’s one of my favorite parts of Christmas! The books are always amazing! I finished it January 1😉

One word that you’re hoping 2022 will be. Happier. I feel like there’s been a lot of sadness the past few weeks and last year.

Tag a friend! I’d like to tag my friend Tasha from Tasha Van Kesteren!

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